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Hot 16z, the all around rhyming group. Hiphop Lives Here! Join now

Group Founder: leojbomb
Description: Its all about versatility people. You are welcome to practice your hiphop style: multis, metaphorz, punchlinez etc. Remember, it's just for fun, so beef at your own risks lol
Group Type: Public join
Members: 63
Category: Music > Rap & HipHop

Topics (31)

go Hot 16z! [46] leojbomb
Ah, the original rap post. Pushed from the forums by newcomers, haters, and mean admin. But the spirit lives on. Drop fresh rhymes or share some of your writtens.

go Still waitin! (0) phlamex
4 a match

go 1 on 1 battle (0) bonnie17
U've got 2 submit ur lyrics nd y'all folks gonna judge.

go Battle me and die [42] jayer
The king of kings is here i came 2 roast kill and send u bytches 2 hell on the mic...

go fk al tHe f3m4l3 mc (1) jayer
Girls y u r lik this 1st u made us sin.. now u wanna make us not win... u the biggest liar on madafukin earth... u brought us death... get off me u don't deserve 2 breath.. flirtin BYTCHin around with...


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